Horse base EZDUL

From 1999 year...

We have horse bases in Hisarya and Starosel. We also offer riding in an arena with an instructor, as well as riding with a guide in nature. For us, the most important thing is the training of the riders and their reaching a true stability and harmony with the horse. This is the way to achieve total relaxation, security, pleasure and satisfaction while riding. For the additional security of the riders we provide: current (helmet), back and waist protectors and insurances. We have English and Western saddles and Endurance saddles. We are ready to pay special attention to both very beginner riders, as well as very advanced ones. The terrain and nature in Hisarya are extremely favorable for riding. The wide forest paths, spacious fields and rolling hills offer unlimited opportunities for training and enjoyment in a variety of paces.

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Physically, riding is conducive to the development of a proper body structure, the spine, as well as for the development of all muscles in the human body.

The relationship with these perfect animals renews the harmonious relationship of man with nature, gives peace and freedom, to which we strive. We will show you from the back of the horse the extraordinary and diverse nature in the ancient kingdom of the Thracians - rivers, dams, it's burning, meadows, fields, vineyards, meadows, orchards, bizarre rocks, graves, mountains.

Communicating with horses builds the bond of natural relationships with nature and care for all living things.

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In fact, you don't need to get into your imagination at all - you just need to visit the Ezdul Horse Base and follow in the footsteps of the movie characters and our ancestors.