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Our horses are distinguished not only by their unique natural beauty, but also with the peace and freedom to express their natural individuality and temperament in a harmonious natural and human environment. Our relationship with them is based on the principles of the natural relationship between man and horse (Natural horsemanship), associated with a lot of patience, deep understanding, harmonious communication and complete denial of violence towards animals. Most of our horses are Purebred Arabians and Arabian Shagia with proven and exceptional pedigrees. We also have several half-breed horses with predominantly Arabian blood. All our riding horses are consistently and thoroughly trained in the Pat Parelli and Monty Roberts systems, and from us they consistently and thoroughly receive our immense love, joy and patience.





Give yourself peace of mind

In fact, you don't need to get into your imagination at all - you just need to visit the Ezdul Horse Base and follow in the footsteps of the movie characters and our ancestors.